11. May 27. May 2012

The publication, as a medium, is an important part of the practice of many artists, and despite the increased digitisation of the book medium, recent years have seen a renewed interest in working with the printed book format.

On 11 May, Overgaden draws the curtain to Kunstpublikationer 2012 and it will be the 9th consecutive year that the institution is opening up this burgeoning and unruly subject field.

Overgaden will be hosting an ambitious celebration of artists’ publications over a fortnight, focusing on current trends and tendencies in the field, via curated exhibitions, the annual book fair and events. This year the presentation will cover a rich assortment of do-it-yourself pamphlets, zines from all over the world, graphic goodies, quirky and experimental book formats and printed materials, and artworks where language is unfolded like an organic material.


Exhibitors and curators include Temporary Services, Forlaget *[asterisk], Sideprojects, Arkiv for Detaljer, Zven Balslev, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Ida Bencke, Mette Woller, Jessica Williams, Amalie Smith, Eduardo Kac, Christian Bök, Jon Ståle Ritland, Adam Feldmeth, Morten Søndergaard, Åsa Sonjasdotter, and Eric Zboya.

Art publications fair

The annual art publication fair is a central part of Kunstpublikationer 2012, and will take place over the weekend of 11-13 May 2012. A wide range of publishers from Denmark and abroad will be presenting their new publications.

Aben Maler (UK), After Hand, Aki Books (NO), AKV Berlin (DE), A Shoal of Mackerel (SE/UK), Broken Dimanche Publications (DE), Edition Taube (DE), emancipa(t/ss)ionsfrugten, Feil Forlag (NO), Forlaget *[asterisk], Forlaget E+, Hurricane Publishing, Internationalistisk Ideale, Kultpumpen, Lubok Verlag (DE), Motto Berlin (DE), NSEW (NO), OEI (SE), Publish and be Damned (UK), Space Poetry, Spector Books (DE), Torpedo (NO), and Yokoland (NO).

During the weekend of 12-13 May the Aarhus-based group Sideprojects invites you to visit their zine factory, where you can create your own publication with inspiration from an assortment of zines from all over the world. The contributions produced during the fair will be collected in a publication that will be on display at Overgaden until 27 May.

During the exhibition there will be a number of events. Invited exhibitors will present and discuss selected publications in the event series Printed Matter on Display and during the fair publishers will give an introduction to their practice. Furthermore Kunstpublikationer 2012 will host performances, readings, a book launch and debate.

A poster-wall will gradually change as the event programme unfolds. In collaboration with Louise Hold Sidenius, students from The Scool of Design have produced a series of posters relating to each event during Kunstpublikationer 2012, and prior to each event new posters will be added to the wall.

Kunstpublikationer 2012 is supported by Nordic Culture Fund. The opening event is supported by the Norwegian Embassy.

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