14. Apr 06. May 2012

To kick off First Floor, the phantoms of film history will be occupying Overgaden in a presentation of the internationally-acclaimed video artist and experimental film director, Guy Maddin.

Guy Maddin is Canadian, and has been presented at museums and film festivals all over the world. With this installation at Overgaden, his works are being shown for the first time in an art context in Denmark.

Overgaden is presenting Hauntings I (2010), a site-specific installation consisting of eleven short films. Distributed across the first floor, the work will take shape as a three-dimensional collage in which the viewer can move among and around the visual ghosts comprised by the films. Maddin draws his visual inspiration from the early silent films, as well as from surrealist and symbolist painting. The captivating aesthetics of spinning film reels and flickering images have become Maddin’s stylistic signature, in interaction with absurd scenarios and exalted melodramas.

Hauntings I is the culmination of a 25-year artistic career, and revolves around the reappearance of the repressed, whether of a sexual, historical or artistic nature. For a number of years, Guy Maddin has collected anecdotal tales of unrealised and abandoned film projects, as well as completed films that have been lost to history. In the eleven films, Maddin processes his own ideas about the lost films of directors like F.W. Murnau, Fritz Lang, Hollis Frampton, Kenji Mizoguchi and Josef von Sternberg. His fascination with the potential masterpieces is expressed through small impressionistic fragments of a lost film history that haunts our culture.

Hauntings I was commissioned by the Toronto International Film Festival, and the exhibition at Overgaden has been created in co-operation with CPH PIX, which has Maddin’s most recent feature film, Keyhole, on its festival programme (see www.cphpix.dk).

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