10. Nov 20. Jan 2013

In the group exhibition Dimensions of Sharing, Suzanna Asp, Maija Luutonen, Sini Pelkki and Pilvi Takala explore the interface between physical and mental spaces, and between the private and the shared.

The focal point of the exhibition is the question of what can be shared with others, and what remains private. Through photography, video, painting, drawing and installation, this issue is unfolded both in the interplay between the artists’ individual practices, and in the encounter between work and viewer.

Through both narrative and spatial approaches, the exhibition focuses on the social negotiations that define the unwritten rules for how we navigate in public and private spaces. Pilvi Takala’s video work Players portrays a group of poker players ensconced in a secret, self-sustaining community, while Sini Pelkki’s video work Embarkation explores the relationship of moving and still image, examining in great detail an almost static scenario of a female figure gazing towards the woods. In other works, the interaction between architecture, painting and viewer is in focus. Suzanna Asp enters into a concrete clinch with Overgaden’s exhibition space and creates new spaces with a sculptural technique – a large painting mounted like a revolving door – while Maija Luutonen addresses the theme in abstract paper works, encompassing large and small formats that either reach out into the space or invite the viewer in for further scrutiny.

Common to all of the works is that they challenge the space between the viewer and the work, in which sharing becomes an intuitive action in the exhibition situation. The works reach out to the viewer in different ways focusing on the special language of art and the way it communicates in public while at the same time resonating with something very private within us.


All four artists are educated at Kuvataideakatemia – Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, and Dimensions of Sharing is their first exhibition together. Suzanna Asp (b. 1976) has had a number of exhibitions, most recently Étant donnés at Forum Box in Helsinki, 2012, and she has an upcoming solo exhibition at Skaftfell Center for Visual Arts in Seydisfjördur, Island, 2013. Maija Luutonen (b. 1978) is co founder of the exhibition space SIC in Helsinki, where she had the solo exhibition Dedicated in 2012, and she has an upcoming exhibition at Komplot in Bruxelles, 2013. Sini Pelkki (b. 1978) has most recently had the solo exhibition Embarkation at Kunsthalle Helsinki, 2011, and she has upcoming exhibitions at Galleria Sculptor in Helsinki and Konstnärshuset in Stockholm, both in 2013. Pilvi Takala (b. 1981) has had a number of solo exhibitions, most recently Breaching Experiments at Site Gallery, Sheffield, 2012 and Suggested Value at Künstlerhaus Bremen, 2012.

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