22. Jun 18. Aug 2013

How do we ‘belong’ somewhere? How does an art institution belong? And how do we create relationships where we live? These are the questions Overgaden has invited students from Funen Art Academy, Jutland Art Academy and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts to explore over the next two months.

The results – exhibitions, events and much more – can be seen, experienced and heard as they evolve throughout Christianshavn. The first floor of Overgaden will hold the fort as a continuous archive, exhibition and meeting space.

Christianshavn is a neighbourhood with beer on benches, suits on bikes, banks and backyards. At one end of the neighbourhood there are the handmade houses of Christiania, whilst at the other end men in hard hats are building some of Copenhagen’s most expensive real estate. On one side of the town square people gulp coffee, while across the road other people toast each other with schnapps. Inspired by the stories, issues, people and ideas that relate to such a diverse, complex neighbourhood, during the summer the art students will pan across local themes in a continuous, creative process.

The art will reach out and into the local area, creating new social spaces. A temporary open-air stage will spring up in front of Overgaden. The canal and neighbours will have surprise visitors. An audio walk will guide visitors to the secrets of Our Saviour’s Church (Vor Frelsers Kirke) before taking them into the neighbourhood. At Overgaden the fun will spread as the exhibition extends. Grab a book and a cup of coffee in a temporary summer library – a work in progress! Explore sounds, images and traces of new social spaces in the neighbourhood. Join the cosiness of the local knitting circle – and much, much more.

The programme of exhibitions, events, happenings and the art students’ blog will be constantly updated at:


Participants: Iben Lilleriis Andersen, Alen Aligrudic, Julie Riis Andersen, Kamilla Askholm, Stefan Bakmand, Amalie Brandt, Mette Clausen, Anne Nora Fisher, Nat Bloch Gregersen, Marija Griniuk, Miriam Haille, Selini Halvadaki, Martha Hviid, Katti Pärkson-Kull, Emil Linnet, Jonna Ljósá, Sune Lysdal, Jon Erik Nyholm, Kari Storø, Lil Wachmann, Anna Walther, Ida Retz Wessberg, Lilia Zarjetsky, Tinne Zenner, Anna Ørberg.

The exhibition is supported / sponsored by: Knud og Dagny Andresens Fond, Bikubenfonden, Nordea Fonden, Christianshavns Lokaludvalg, Sadolin – Let´s Colour, Den Norske Ambassade, Birk Furniture.

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