Troels Sandegaard


18. Jan 16. Mar 2014

Troels Sandegård’s exhibition fills the lower floor of Overgaden with a series of new works that explore the interaction between the human body, the laws of science, and everyday materials like concrete, plastic, salt and glass.

Bodies and Bodies presents both a different take on the portrait genre, and an investigation of the human body’s relationship to its surroundings.

A stalagmite slowly rises from the floor of Overgaden. It is created from a solution with the same chemical composition as the artist’s sweat. The liquid, the quantity of which is calculated on the basis of the moisture the artist’s body releases into his surroundings due to his sheer presence over time, drips down from a glass container leaving salts and minerals as its only trace. A block of concrete with the exact same surface area as Sandegård’s own body is heated to 33 degrees, the same temperature as the human skin, and in a sound piece breathing is made present when the inhalation of breath, which a man and a woman needs to sing each their lullaby, is isolated as a negative impression of the voice.

With methods like a chemist’s, Troels Sandegård explores the laws of science and the often invisible interaction between our bodies and the physical world surrounding us. This focus forms the basis for Bodies and Bodies, which is the artist’s first major solo exhibition in Copenhagen, and consists of a series of new sculptures, installations and photographs.

The exhibition also includes the newly produced film GLAMOUR, in which Sandegård comments on our imagination and relationship to light. Small flashes from neon tubes break the darkness. What initially appears to be random, gradually makes sense as the work literally forms words on the retina.

Sandegård’s works at Overgaden continue to develop the artist’s investigation of the physical processes in our surroundings, and the quest for meaning and coherence in the material details of everyday life.

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