Marie Søndergaard Lolk & Rasmus Rosengaard

˄Ɣ ƪǷ

07. Jun 10. Aug 2014

At first glance, the title of Marie Søndergaard Lolk and Rasmus Rosengaard’s exhibition looks like an incomprehensible code. Yet the symbols seem familiar: Are they cuneiform characters, Greek letters or symbols from a computer keyboard? This ambiguous zone between the indecipherable and meaning is characteristic of the artists’ practice and their new works filling the ground floor of Overgaden.

The basis for Lolk and Rosengaard’s collaboration is their shared interest in how specific processes and materials can be used to challenge the boundaries of the painting, and its transition to other media and the physical space. They have followed each other’s work since they were students, which gave them the idea of developing an exhibition together in which the works both speak to and confront each other, as well as the space they inhabit.

Since graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, both artists have had their own distinctive practice. Rasmus Rosengaard works consistently with the colour black – usually in dense layers of oil-based paint or metallic graphite dust on a monumental scale that makes the works reminiscent of stelae or monoliths. These are often combined with tableaux and accumulations of highly symbolic objects, like animal skulls and poppies. Clearly symbolising transitoriness, sleep and oblivion, the tableaux generate associations with the heightened awareness of the transient nature of life expressed in Baroque vanitas paintings, but also with natural mysticism and a heavily melancholic atmosphere.

The symbolism of Marie Søndergaard Lolk’s works is more understated, but no less complex. Lolk’s works move between representation and material disintegration, with different readings often overlapping in the same image. The paintings are both visual and corporeal, both images and objects. They outline specific motifs, like a blackboard or stained glass window, at the same time as transforming or erasing them entirely in a more material and abstract space. Many of the new works include traces of controlled actions coupled with random processes, where the qualities of the material itself also determines the nature of the finished work.

The exhibition ˄Ɣ ƪǷ presents a form of painting that to a high degree goes beyond itself, and due to its material focus interacts directly with the surrounding physical space. In the new works – all made specifically for the exhibition – Overgaden provides a framework for the physical meeting between two artists’ explorations of the materiality of painting, and the life of the material.

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