Finally we can reveal our upcoming activities at theatre Sort/Hvid, where we are currently located while the art centre is being refurbished at Christianshavn. In collaboration with Sort/Hvid we have created the performance programme VISUMUSICATRE (The Visual Music Theatre) and an open air film programme.

Overgaden’s vision of focusing on upcoming artists and the experimental art scene in our exhibitions matches Sort/Hvid’s mission of examining current societal and political subjects in a cross disciplinary field, thus our performance programme will focus on the young, on exploration, and the experimental.

VISUMUSICATRE (The Visual Music Theatre)
The programme VISUMUSICATRE (The Visual Music Theatre) is a performance programme running throughout three weekends with three thematical subjects presenting hybrid genres and a wide variety of experimental artists who do not only see themselves within one art form, but who span visual arts, music/sound art, spoken word, and theatre.

VISUMUSICATRE runs Fridays and Saturdays during the weekends 29th and 30th of May, 12th and 13th of June as well as 26th and 27th of June and presents names such as Hannah Toticki Anbert & Stine Gyldenkerne, Peter Voss-Knude, Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard, Vinyl Terror & Horror, Gry Bagøien, Samina Bazai / Danica Curcic / Stine Grøn, Jacob Kirkegaard (more to be announced…)

Overgaden is currently planning a series of film screenings focusing on analogue film, more specifically 35mm and 70mm films. The purpose of the programme is to focus on the role of analogue film media in a digital age, its revival with film professionals and artists, the qualities of the media and its practical challenges. The film screenings will take place in open air during one week in the summer 2020.

Please follow us on Overgaden’s social media and website on which we will update you on how the current corona situation affects our programmes as well as the announcement of new artists.

All events will take place at the theatre Sort/Hvid, Staldgade 38, 1699, CPH V. Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you.

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