Overgaden is undergoing its first big refurbishment since the opening of our exhibition space in 1986. Thanks to a generous donation from Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen’s Foundation we are able to give our beautiful heritage building a much needed makeover, so that we also in the future will be able to offer optimal space for contemporary arts. We are looking forward to reopening Overgaden on September 11th 2020 with two large solo exhibitions. You have something to look forward to!

We are very proud to present our first two solo exhibitions to re-open a newly refurbished Overgaden:

Torben Ribe – OUTLET

Our ground floor will re-open with an exhibition by Danish artist Torben Ribe which, in the artist’s own words, creates a kind of “cheap outlet-feeling”, his version of a furniture outlet filtered through his particular aesthetic and sensory ability to balance the relationship between everyday life seances, objects, and abstract painting.

Please find more information on the upcoming exhibition here: Torben Ribe – OUTLET

Johannes Sivertsen – The Unnamed

In his first major solo exhibition, the Danish-French artist Johannes Sivertsen listens for those voices that have not been heard throughout history.

The Unnamed presents a series of paintings dedicated to female figures from Algerian history – from the colonial times and up until today.

In 2019, Sivertsen got in touch with the Algerian writer and activist Wassyla Tamzali and a collaboration was born in which Tamzali was a sparring partner and challenged Sivertsen’s expression and content. With this background, Sivertsen has chosen to invite Tamzali to curate two young female Algerian artists to participate in the exhibition at Overgaden. Works by the two artists Nawel Louerrad and Fella Tamzali Tahari will be exhibited side by side with Sivertsens paintings.

Please find more information on the upcoming exhibition here: Johannes Sivertsen – The Unnamed

Both exhibitions run from September 12th – November 1st 2020

Opening reception September 11th from 5-8 pm

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