We invite professional visual artists and curators to apply for an exhibition period lasting from 6 – 8 weeks at Overgaden. Upcoming deadline for submissions is March 1st 2019 for exhibition periods in Spring / Summer 2020.

What does Overgaden offer?

Artists and curators selected to exhibit will be presented for a wide range of facilities and possibilities at Overgaden, all designed to help exhibitors realise the project to the desired quality and to further ensure publicity and visibility for both exhibitor and the exhibitor’s practice in Denmark and abroad.

All exhibitors will be offered curatorial and network feedback with Overgaden’s art professional team in relation to the exhibition at Overgaden and further exhibition plans. Overgaden will be happy to assist the exhibitor in organising a funding plan for the exhibition.

Overgaden performs differentiated communication and prioritises to engage and attract the interest of various groups. Overgaden develops various communication initiatives and events targeted at different audiences in co-operation with the exhibitor. Overgaden undertakes responsibility for press publicity and advertising for all exhibitions and initiatives in Denmark and abroad.

Link to application guide: Application guide


Please note:

Overgaden only realises exhibitions that have not previously been shown at any art institution and we prioritise solo exhibitions. Furthermore Overgaden reserves the right to reject applications which do not follow the instructions in the application guide or submissions received after deadline.

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