We have been looking so much forward to presenting our performance programmes DIALOGUES and VISUMUSICATRE on the theatre stages at Sort/Hvid this spring/summer 2020…

Unfortunately we have to cancel both programmes as well as our outdoor film programme, which was to take place in July.
We have decided to cancel both programmes due to the lacking specifications from the government concerning the right to assembly, and because we find it difficult to invite an audience indoors in a way which we think a succesful performance program requires. Also, we would not find it responsible – neither towards the artists nor the audience. We do not think that alternative digital formats can ever replace or create the sense of closeness, surprise, sound quality or visual form which the works of the artists deserve.
INSTEAD, we are transforming both our programmes to a joint festival in the spring of 2021 where we will be back on Overgaden’s newly refurbished premises. We are still hoping to be able to follow through with the film festival as well at a later date.
We are happy about the great flexibility that our artists have shown us in this very unexpected situation and that we are still able to show the many different artistic collaborations crossing visual art, music/sound art, and theatre! 
Dates and more information soon to come..
Take good care of each other!
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