Resonance & Wonder is—in the shape of a three-day festival—celebrating the multiple and exploratory formats of contemporary performance.

Taking the shape of a three-day festival, Resonance & Wonder celebrates the multiple and exploratory formats of contemporary performance—spanning poetic singing for plants (Gry Bagøien), a ritualistic eight-voiced concert on collectivity and finance crisis (Philip I Schneider), Bamses Venners Efterliv told in heavy (Danish) dialect (Jonas Okholm Jensen), sound recordings from the obduction of a human body (Jacob Kirkegaard), a composition pondering the personal secrets hidden in the official Danish registrar, nemID (Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard), a puppeteer and an improv-singer (Randi Pontoppidan & Svend E. Kristensen), a woman and her colleague on a mysterious investigation (Considered to Be Allies), a manic, freak-azoid (Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl), sound collages of cut-up vinyl records (Vinyl Terror & Horror), a film theater (Adam Christensen & Deniz Unal), Italian art pop (Francesca Burattelli), AI-technology and the upbringing in a religious cult (Rine Rodin), and a performance revolving around energetic connections (Samina Bazai & Danica Curcic & Stine Grøn).

The title Resonance & Wonder is alluding to the conspicuous marvel emanating from the proximity or nearness of the live performance as well as the auditive and musical echoes the experience hereof evoke, including the unavoidable load of cultural and societal references.


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Friday 18 June 2021
19:00 – Considered to Be Allies – A Woman and Her Colleague
19:45 – Philip I Schneider – The Wheel
20:15 – BREAK (30 min)
21:00 – Adam Christensen & Deniz Unal – It Was Over Long Before Last Night
22:00 – Francesca Burattelli – La Cura

Saturday 19 June 2021
18:00 – Jonas Okholm Jensen – Bamses Venner
18:45 – Rine Rodin – The Mad and the Wise
19:15 – BREAK (30 min)
20:00 – Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard, Claus Haxholm & Maxe Lund Johansen – Alle ting ud af ingenting (NemID i den liminale fase)
21:00 – Samina Bazai, Danica Curcic & Stine Grøn – No One Is More Inward Than I
22:30 – Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl (Kim Kim) – Butcher Knife – a visual concert by Kim Kim

Sunday 20 June 2021
15:30 – Gry Bagøien – Iduns Song (Poetry of Plants)
16:30 – Randi Pontoppidan & Svend E. Kristensen – Inner Voices
17:45 – Jacob Kirkegaard – Autopsia Mortarium
18:15 – BREAK (45 min)
19:00 – Vinyl Terror & Horror – The Sound Around You

Resonance & Wonder is curated by: Christiane Meldgaard. Contact: cm@overgaden.org

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