Thursday 16 Jul 5:00pm 8:00pm

Guattari Reading Circle presents Seven Billion Perverts – a reading based on the controversial and censored 12th edition of the journal Recherches – a journal founded and edited by Félix Guattari. The 12th edition was entitled Trois Milliards de Pervers – Grande encyclopédie des homosexualités and was published in 1973. In the reading at Overgaden, we will engage with the materials of Trois Milliards de Pervers and the writing that exists around this issue in an attempt to make 1973 speak and correspond in criticality with the Seven Billion Perverts of 2015.

Guattari Reading Circle is a reading group which focuses on reading texts by the French institutional psychotherapist, philosopher, and radical activist Félix Guattari. The reading group is completely open for public participation. The reading group is nomadic and organised around reading aloud and on the spot (without preparation) and it travels through various places and institutional contexts to investigate the relationship between the specific spaces, the act of group reading in itself and Félix Guattari’s writing. Guattari Reading Circle is  conceptualised and organised by artist Arendse Krabbe and artist and curator Mathias Kryger.

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