Tuesday 14 Oct 5:00pm 7:00pm
The second event held in conjunction with The Psychozoic Era presents a performative perspective on the antropocene and features among other things transmedial experiments as well as a singing reflection on the financial crisis.
Arctic Commando – a transmedial meltdown in words, body and image
The poet Theis Ørntoft reads from a new text, accompanied by becoming-animal and interplanetary outages by actor Morten Burian and artist Ferdinand Ahm Krag as well as sound by Kasper Vang.
WHAT NOW? – A Financial Crisis Oratorio on the day after
We are experiencing not just one but many crisis: the financial crisis, climate crisis, debt crisis, democracy crisis. Are we exiting the financial crisis and can we put it all behind us? Are we any wiser? What did we learn? Does the crisis create new opportunities? And did we learn enough about what preceded the crisis? Moreover, it is a fact that mankind has become a force of planetary change. But are we capable of managing the responsibility that comes with it? These questions and many others are what motivates the Elverhøj Choir to embark on singing and performing an oratorio about the financial crisis and human behavior in relation to economy, financial markets, values and morals.
Idea: Kristian Husted and Julie Smed Jensen
Playwright: Kristian Husted
Composer: Peter Bruun
Artwork: Ferdinand Ahm Krag
Oratorio and staging: Julie Smed Jensen
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