Friday 24 Feb 1:00pm 5:00pm

In connection with the exhibition Harvesting the Rare Earth, Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art invites you to a seminar about CRISPR gene technology.

The border between computers, electronics and biology is blurring. Already today CRISPR technology offers new radical possibilities in genetically modifying not only micro organisms, but insects, animals, humans and ecosystems. How does this affect our understanding of the relation between nature, human and technology?

With micro organisms and algorithms gaining more agency in our lives, the borders of the human self is up for discussion. Today we are seeing the rising development of numerous ways that cells and data interact across species and systems, creating complex hybrid ecologies and challenging our traditional understanding of the world centered around man.

In Harvesting the Rare Earth Jacob Remin presents a hypothetical scenario of the near future in which biotech companies have developed a method enabling genetically modified caterpillars to harvest Rare Earth Metals from e-waste dumps around the world. Jacob Remin uses this exchange between actual and hypothetical issues to investigate the power structures of the world in an exhibition that focuses on the environmental and human consequences of our consumption and addiction to technology.

The exhibition and seminar has been developed in collaboration with Martin Malthe Borch, master in biological engineering.

Participants: Erich Berger, Artist, Director of the Bioartsociety in Finland; Jacob Remin, Artist; Martin Malthe Borch, Biological engineer, designer; Helene Faustrup Kildegaard, Senior researcher, DTU Biosustain.
Moderator: Lars Reuter, Ethicist, Theologian, Ph.D.

The seminar will be in English.

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