Sunday 22 May 3:00pm 5:00pm

This seminar will cross-cut past and present artistic research into the intersection of crisis, computation, network architectures and global power structures. Florian Cramer will look into our current over-belief in the objectivity and neutrality of algorithms and discuss how artists infuse technology with poetic sensibility. Linda Hilfling Ritasdatter will present a performance lecture that draws out connections between the cybernetics of the 1960s, the millennium bug paranoia and India’s outsourcing boom. On the day, a publication that is a never-ending encyclopedia of the end of the world published by the Swedish micro-publishing house Rojal Förlag will be released.

Participants: Florian Cramer (NL/DE), Linda Hilfling Ritasdatter (DK), Rojal Förlag (SE).

The seminar will be in English.

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