Tuesday 01 May 1:00pm Sunday 06 May 6:00pm

MASS – bloom explorations is a durational choreographic installation dealing with the issues of decay, decomposition and death. In a plastic dome appearing like something in between a mausoleum and a greenhouse you meet the human Hilde I. Sandvold and thousands of mealworms. They live side by side in a microuniverse built exclusively of disposed white foam plastic – a material that also happens to be a nourishment that pleases the ever-hungry mealworms. The project is a co-production between Recoil Performance Group and Dansehallerne, and is a part of Overgaden’s collaboration with Dansehallerne in 2018.

The mealworms and Hilde co-create a new space. They conduct a durational choreography – an installation in which the space is slowly but visibly being altered though the metabolism of the worms and the human body in motion.

The voice of the author Ida Marie Hede, reading from her text on the peculiarities of life in the plastic habitat, accompanies this unlikely symbiotic system between worms, plastic and a human. A surreal staged ecosystem that nourishes speculation on survival strategies. Could an organism capable of living from plastic be the potential beginning of a new blooming of species on earth?

During the opening hours the visitors are welcome to explore and interact with the installation, and to come and go as they please. They are also invited into the dome to a close one-on-one encounter with Hilde and the worms where they will experience a woman transforming her body, skin and voice in the attempt to co-evolve with a species that potentially has better prospects than herself.

MASS – bloom explorations is the second part of The Membrane Project; as I collapse (2017), Extended falls to humanity (2019) – a series of work seeking to challenge our understanding of the human and the humane.


Opening hours:

Tuesday – Thursday from 1pm-4pm and 5pm-9.30pm

Friday – Sunday from 12am-6pm


Aftertalks and Events

Wednesday May 2nd 7.30-8.30 PM: MASS – bloom exploration, behind the installation with the artists.

Come and meet the artists and researchers behind MASS – bloom explorations in conversation on creation and collaboration in between art and science. Tina Tarpgaard, choreographer and artistic leader of recoil, Ida Marie Hede, writer and Pei-Ying Lin, artist and designer will reflect on their collaborative artistic process and the final work. The talk is open for questions from the audience. The installation is open before, during and after the talk. Free entrance.

Thursday May 3rd. 7.30-8.30 PM: Co-existence and evolution. The human, now and in a potential future.

Recoil has invited professor Nils Ole Bubandt from AURA, Aarhus university Research on the Anthropocene, Andrea Pontoppidan and Elena Ortiz from Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology and Finnish artist and activist, Riikka Theresa Innanen to discuss the human position and scope now and in the future marked by our self-interested consumption of resources. The installation is open before, during and after the talk. Free entrance.

Saturday May 5th. 3-4PM: Wasted Saturday

Waste. Throw away. Dump. Words most of us are familiar with and concepts that we, consciously or not, deal with on a daily basis. This Saturday afternoon recoil has invited Ioannis Bakas waste expert from Copenhagen Resource Center, a part of NIRAS, Ida Leisner, Environment- and developing consultant from Amager Center of Resources and Jakob Ingemann Parby, Curator at Museum of Copenhagen to discuss, what waste is, who we deal with it, and what we can do about it. The installation is open before, during and after the talk. Free entrance.


Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard
Performer: Hilde I. Sandvold
Performer at ODD residency: Ellen Furey
Science-art researcher and installation design: Pei-Ying Lin
Writer: Ida Marie Hede
Technical and engineering design: Minshu Haung
Sound design: Søren Knud
Dramaturge: Inge Agnete Tarpgaard
Production managers: Rasmus Sylvest & Viktor K. Magnusson
Producer: Carlos Calvo
PR: Betina Rex


About recoil performance group

Tina Tarpgaard started recoil as a company in 2003, with a vision of creating choreographic stage art based on cross aesthetic collaborations. A vision that is continually the core in recoils work. From the digital Trompe l’oeil videoscenographies of the early works to the latest work, where organic processes and movement in humane as well as non humane organisms is in focus. In a trilogy of work from 2017 to 2019 recoil is focusing on the body in a posthumanistic perspective. In 2017 with the performance as I collapse, with MASS – bloom explorations in 2018 and in 2019 with Extended falls to humanity where the understanding of the human and the humane – now and in a hypothetic future make up the artistic focal point.


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