Tuesday 21 Nov 1:00pm Sunday 26 Nov 11:59pm

As part of Overgaden PROJECT, Overgaden has entered into a temporary collaboration with Dansehallerne. In the first session the art gallery for immaterial art, Galerie, will move in for a week presenting happenings, performances, lectures and talks. The six days will take the shape of an immaterial publication where artists and audience will be the writers, Galerie the editor, Dansehallerne the publisher, and Overgaden the printing press. All the different elements will address the current state of immaterial art.

Participating artists, curators and researchers:
Mårten Spångberg, Cecilie Ullerup Smidt, Anne Juren, Frida Sandström, Hana Lee Erdman, Eva Rowson, Krööt Juurak, Alex Bailey, Pontus Petterson, Vanessa Desclaux, Jan Ritsema et. al.

It is strictly edited by Galerie, but anyone can smuggle in content.

Stay tuned at www.galerie.international/thepublication for updates of the tabel of contents.
The Publication is produced by Dansehallerne.

Galerie (2014, INT)
Galerie is an immaterial gallery for immaterial artworks. The mission of Galerie is to promote immaterial objecthood: works that cannot be reduced to an object or to the documentation of an action. Simultaneously a commercial entity, a performance and a research project, Galerie has been involved in a wide range of activities since its launch in 2014

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