Saturday 08 Aug 2:00pm Sunday 09 Aug 4:00pm

On the basis of the exhibition Våbenhvile – 100 års forestillinger, Systemet is inviting you to participate in a critical discussion about rights. When do you have the right to offer resistance against the ruling discourse and who is granting you that right? Are rights something that you yourself can partake in through acts and if so, is it even rights if it is something you have granted yourself? How and whom can give and take rights? This Saturday Class will approach the topic from an activistic and philosophical angle through three presentations, a writing exercise and open discussions.

The Saturday Class by Systemets is a symposium og foundation course in forms of resistance targeting those searching for a lack of governing, political disorder and confusion. No requirements needed except the interest to learn about yourself, the system you are part of and the opportunities for activism today. The basis for the course is a compendium of selected texts and materials that will be sent upon registration.

The event is organized by Anna and Esben Weile Kjær. As the number of participants are limited, registration is required: info@infinitescroll.dk. The event will be in Danish.

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