Wednesday 07 Oct 5:00pm 6:00pm

As part of TRUST, Vester Vov Vov hosts a film programme with contributions by a selection of the exhibiting artists that explores the documentary genre in different ways. In the intersection of fact and fiction, the films focus on collaborative processes, art in public spaces and architecture, as well as political themes such as territorial conflicts and migration.

Programme of the evening:

Maj Hasager, We will meet in the blind spot, 2015
36 min.

The film We will meet in the blind spot takes the architecture in and around the area Esposizione Universale di Roma (EUR) in the Italian capital of Rome as its point of departure. EUR was built under the Fascist regime on the occasion of the World Expo in 1942, also marking the 20th anniversary of Fascism in Italy. As a consequence of World War II the event never took place and the area, which had played a central part in Mussolini’s idea about ‘The Third Rome’, was not finished until the 1960s. Today, a group of Filipino immigrants have settled in a church in the EUR, and this film gives a unique and personal insight into their everyday lives. With references to post-war Italian film tradition, fact and fiction are intertwined to voice statements and experiences that are often left out in the debate about immigration in an Italian, but also broader European context.


Cel Crabeels: Nearly Present, Just Past, 2004
22 min.

In 1998 the American artist Dan Graham placed the sculpture Funhouse for Children in a public square in Antwerpen. The piece met an ill fate, though, as it quickly became destroyed by a malcontent public. Since then, it has been reconstructed on the lawn outside of Middelheimmuseum, but what has it meant that the piece has been moved from a vibrating city space to an idyllic museum garden? In this documentary, the artist Cel Crabeels uncovers the history behind the sculpture, which is connected to an investigation of the challenges related to making art in public space. Public space is often associated with democratic potential, but is also a battle zone where viewpoints are constantly challenged by politicians, city planners, artists, and vandals who all have different understandings of its use and function.


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