Thursday 28 Apr 6:00pm 7:30pm

In connection with the exhibition Varulv!, Overgaden sets the scene for a debate about the role of language in the political landscape. Language has always been a powerful tool in democratic debate, but in recent years there has been a profound professionalization with a strong focus on framing and strategic communication. This tendency has also been met with criticism from several sides as it is seen as contributing to a growing adversity towards politicians and a societal debate without content. But to which degree is this actually so? And how can we understand the value of and the need for strategic linguistic tools in political craftsmanship today?

The panel will consist of Christian Kock, professor of rhetoric at the University of Copenhagen; Jens Jonatan Steen, political debater and expert in framing; Astrid Haug, expert in political communication and former press officer at Christiansborg: Katrine Hertz Mortensen, Head of press at Liberal Alliance. Moderator: Gertrud Thisted Højlund, journalist and radio host on P1 Debate. The event will be in Danish.

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