Wednesday 25 May 6:00pm 8:00pm

With a point of departure in the exhibition ”Varulv!”, Overgaden sets the scene for a critical debate about the democratic conversation and if visions are lacking in Danish politics. In a time where political ideologies have been declared dead from several sides, and political speech is slandered for being meaningless, we ask if this is actually so? And if this is the case, what is needed in order to bring visions back as important anchor points for the development of society and democratic debate?

The panel will consist of Jørn Loftager, Associate professor at the University of Aarhus; Christine Cordsen, political correspondent at Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR); Olav Hesseldahl, Founder of Ungdomsbureauet; Jan Juul Christensen, secretary of party Social Democrats. Moderator: Kristian Weise, Director at CEVEA. The event will be in Danish.

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