Thursday 04 Oct 1:00pm Sunday 07 Oct 5:00pm

Helsinki is an oldschool spoken-word performance for the new age. Composed of hundreds of text fragments read one by one following no particular logic, it is edited live in an intuitive, half-random process, like a linguistic DJ mashing up daily discussions, private thoughts, and general information overload.

The source material comes from countless places. Words lifted from personal journal writing, overheard conversations, sex chats, pop science, obscene fantasy, psychotherapy sessions – blend together in a monologue of intimacy and discontinuity. Dirty, funny, serious, contemplative, ridiculous and sad, Helsinki reflects a contemporary sense of disorientation, and experiments with what realism and self-writing might look like in a world that is increasingly marked by the dissolution of coherence, focus and ground. It is a poetic playground which, in its tangle of anecdotes and perspectives, invites us to focus on distraction.

Danny Neyman is a performance artist, a dancer, a translator and a writer. He is based in Antwerp (BE) and Paris (FR). He is from Israel, New York, Poland and Romania. He has a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, History and Literature from Tel Aviv University and a post-master’s degree in Performance Studies with a.pass (Brussels). He is currently dancing in two works by Mette Ingvartsen, 7 Pleasures and To Come (Extended). He has previously collaborated with and danced/performed for Arkadi Zaides, Yasmeen Godder and Public Movement. He was a founding member of the Tel Aviv based queer performance/activist collective Cinema Paradildo. He has done translation work to English for Stanford Press of Noam Partom’s poetry, and to Hebrew for Dhak Magazine and Lott Magazine of William Blake and John Ruskin. His recent performance work “Helsinki” has been performed in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.

The performance by Danny Neyman is co-produced by Dansehallerne.

Helsinki is approx. 45 minutes and playing schedule is to come.

Thursday 4 October 5-6pm

Friday 5 October 4-5pm

Saturday 6 October 1-2pm + 4-5pm

Sunday 7 October 4-5pm
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