Thursday 08 Oct 5:00am 6:30am

Johannes Sivertsen in conversation with Mathias Danbolt.

The French-Algerian colonial history, its repercussions and art history’s stereotypical depictions of “the Other” are the overall focal point for the Danish-French artist Johannes Sivertsen’s first major solo exhibition The Unnamed, which can be seen on Overgaden until 8 November.
Through the exhibition’s 23 paintings, Johannes Sivertsen assigns identity and voices to a number of Algerian women and freedom fighters who have been ignored in the larger history writing. As Western painting history is predominantly an expression of the white man’s stories and achievements, it is imperative for Sivertsen – who is himself a white man – to unfold a new perspective that allows hitherto overlooked voices to enter the art historical scene and have a say.
For this artist talk, Sivertsen has invited art historian Mathias Danbolt in for a conversation. Taking a starting point in the Western and specifically French tradition of romantic and orientalist painting, they will discuss, among other things, the colonial aesthetic regimes, racial and gendered economies of visibility, and contemporary reproduction of culturally appropriate images
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