Would you like to exhibit at Overgaden?

Visual artists and curators may apply for the possibility to be granted an exhibition period of 6-8 weeks at Overgaden.


Submit either a portfolio by post or as a single PDF-file, max. size 5 MB by email.

• Completed application cover sheet – to be downloaded on this page.

• Project description
The project description should provide the motivation for the curator or artist to apply for an exhibition period at Overgaden and describe the artistic project the applicant wishes to realise. The applicant is requested to actively consider Overgaden as a physical space and describe how the project will be planned in relation hereto. Overgaden is also happy to consider exhibition ideas involving sites other than Overgaden’s physical spaces.

Please note Overgaden only realises exhibitions and projects not previously realised elsewhere and we prioritise solo exhibitions.

• CV

• Documentation of previous work
Applicants must submit relevant photographic documentation of previous work and projects (for group exhibitions documentation must include all exhibitors). In case the applicant is provided with a comprehensive website that adequately describes the applicant’s practice, this may be referenced in the application instead of a submission of photographic documentation. Please note applications received any later than March 1st or September 1st will not be taken into consideration.

To submit video and audio works we prefer a link inserted in the application form under the heading Content of this application and then Others. We do not receive WeTransfer.

• Budget for the exhibition project
The applicant is requested to describe the total costs of the artistic project and any funding possibilities.


Overgaden has two annual application deadlines: March 1 and September 1. For each deadline the exhibition period applied for lies one year ahead. This means if an exhibition period is granted the exhibition is placed approximately one year after the application has been assessed. A response time of about three weeks after each deadline is to be expected. Applications may be submitted on an ongoing basis but will only be assessed after March 1 and September 1 each year.

Physically submitted material will be returned only if the applicant states so clearly in the application and encloses a stamped and addressed envelope.


All applications are assessed by Overgaden’s director. In the evaluation of each application we are looking for exhibition ideas that are ambitious and in which the realization at Overgaden specifically is expected to significantly gain knowledge and visibility of an artist’s work as well as new perspectives to this. In its overall exhibition programme Overgaden wishes to show a diversity in expressions as well as gender equality.


Overgaden. Institute of Contemporary Art
Overgaden neden Vandet 17
DK-1414 Copenhagen K
Marked “Application”

or by e-mail to: mj@overgaden.org

If the application is submitted by e-mail please submit the application as a single PDF file on a max. size of 5 MB.

Please note Overgaden reserves the right to reject applications that do not follow the instructions in this application guide and does not acknowledge applications received after deadlines have exceeded.


Artists and curators selected to exhibit will be presented for a wide range of facilities and possibilities at Overgaden, all designed to help exhibitors realise the project to the desired quality and to further ensure publicity and visibility for both exhibitor and the exhibitor’s practice in Denmark and abroad.

Overgaden’s exhibition spaces will be available free of charge for a period of 6-8 weeks. Overgaden will be responsible for the exhibition during the exhibition period and for insuring the displayed works throughout the exhibition period.


Overgaden offers the following to all exhibitors:

• An exhibition fee of DKK 10,000
• A grant of DKK 8,000 for the construction of the exhibition
• Technical assistance for one working week (five days), by arrangement, to help you set up and dismantle the exhibition
• Professional photographic documentation of the exhibition
• A grant of DKK 4,000 for exhibition-related events (artist talks, lectures, etc.) held during the exhibition

Overgaden can not be expected to fund the exhibition besides the above mentioned subsidies.


Overgaden wishes to co-operate with exhibitors to highlight the exhibition and the exhibitor’s practice in Denmark and abroad and at Overgaden we aim to contribute to creating visibility around an exhibitor’s practice. All exhibitors will be offered curatorial and network feedback with Overgaden’s art professional team in relation to the exhibition at Overgaden and further exhibition plans. Overgaden will be happy to assist the exhibitor in organising a funding plan for the exhibition.


Overgaden performs differentiated communication and prioritises to engage and attract the interest of various groups. Overgaden develops various communication initiatives and events targeted at different audiences in co-operation with the exhibitor. Overgaden undertakes responsibility for press publicity and advertising for all exhibitions and initiatives in Denmark and abroad.


Overgaden PROJECT

Overgaden is a site for artistic experimentation including experiments of a more temporary and informal nature than the major exhibitions and projects also hosted by us. You might want to run an art or book workshop, arrange a concert, present your artistic research – or do something completely different. If you have a great idea for an experiment you would like to execute at or in collaboration with Overgaden we would be happy to hear from you.

• Overgaden PROJECT initiatives are usually featured on the first floor at Overgaden, but can be placed elsewhere at and around Overgaden.

• Overgaden PROJECT initiatives may last from anything within a single evening to a whole week.

The professional staff at Overgaden are happy to engage in feedback and dialogue in relation to developing projects that will all be announced on our website and social media. Whilst limited, lending in-house technical equipment and tools can be arranged by appointment. The applicant is held responsible for any installation and dismantling matters related to the project.

Feel free to send us your Overgaden PROJECT ideas to: cm@overgaden.org

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