Each year Overgaden presents around eight large-scale solo exhibitions, based on our Open Call.

– The last deadline for applications for solo exhibitions was 1 November 2020. Please find this latest Open Call announcement below. The next Open Call deadline will be announced in Autumn 2021. 

– Please note that in addition to the Open Call, Overgaden annually invites for applications to our INTRO-program, a one-year program focused on supporting newly graduated visual artists based in Denmark towards sustainable artistic development and international exchange. Last deadline was 1 December, 2020. Next application deadline for INTRO will be announced in Autumn 2021. For more information about INTRO, click here.



Artists are currently invited to apply for solo exhibitions in Autumn/Winter 2021-22. As a new procedure, artists are explicitly invited to submit an application based on their practice, describing recent and long-term developments, methodologies, and continuous transformations, rather than applying with an already defined exhibition proposal. Instead of asking for a specific project fitted to the institution, Overgaden thus concentrates on how to mold the institution to the artistic practice as it develops, adapting to the artistic production’s material changes, conceptual crossroads, unexpected turns, and detours.

In order to secure resources for the changing exhibitions and exhibitors, Overgaden’s Open Call currently centers on solo positions, whether a singular artist’s work, artistic duos, or groups of artists working collectively.

 * Please note that due to the current change in Overgaden’s directorship, the guidelines for the Open Call are undergoing changes and the deadline has been pushed to 1 November. In case you have already created an application following the previous guidelines, please mark your application “Project”. Your material will be considered on the same basis as all other applications.


  • Application deadline: 1 November
  • Please submit your application digitally to opencall@overgaden.org
  • The application must be submitted as one PDF file, maximum size 5 MB.

The application must contain:

  1. Front page:  Name, address, phone number, email, date of birth.
  2. Practice description – Please submit a description of your practice. Maximum length of 600 words (approx. 2 pages).
  3. Documentation / portfolio – Please submit image documentation of previous and current artworks and production. We recommend that the portfolio contains a maximum of 20 images. For performance, video, and sound pieces, please submit one or more links. For longer time-based works, we recommend preparing shorter preview clips with a maximum duration of 2-3 minutes.
  4. CV – Please submit a CV of maximum 2 pages.


In recent years Overgaden has held two annual deadlines for its Open Call in Spring and Autumn. The current deadline is 1 November 2020.

Due to an expected high level of interest, it will take around five to six weeks to process the Open Call applications and reply to all applicants.


The Open Call is overseen by the Director of Overgaden.

In Overgaden’s Open Call programming, emphasis is put on experimental, emerging, and distinctive artistic practices—and on productions of critical and societal relevance. Overgaden focuses on offering support and shedding light on new artistic positions or new aspects of an artistic practice, which often coincides with inviting artists early in their professional development.

Overall, Overgaden aims to present a manifold program, spanning a breadth of discourse, voices, and media. The program is devoted to actively working against inequality and discrimination, whether based on gender, ethnicity, background, body, and regional or international kinship. Overgaden’s program will be assessed on the basis of these goals over the forthcoming years.


A solo exhibition typically occupies a larger part of either Overgaden’s 1st or 2nd floor.

Artists who are offered an exhibition at Overgaden are invited into a collaboration with the organization’s curatorial and technical team on the grounds of their practice, with the objectives of supporting and contextualizing the development of an exhibition—often including a new, large-scale production—as well as on communicating the show both locally and internationally.

Overgaden collaborates with the artists in planning and setting up a budget for the exhibition and supports the artists in their own fundraising efforts.

Overgaden is further offering the invited artists the following:

  • An exhibition honorarium, 10.000 DKK
  • Support for the exhibition production, 8.000 DKK
  • Additional 4.000 DKK set aside for events, performances etc. related to the exhibition or alternatively to support the exhibition production.
  • Technical help (five days) for installing and deinstalling the exhibition.
  • Photo documentation of the exhibition.
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